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Friday, November 27, 2009

Top 5 Avatar Sites with Free Services and Features

Back on the hunt for finding the top avatar sites, we have decided to pick out the top sites offering free services and features to users. Each of the top sites listed here offers something different and unique to users in the world of avatars and design. Whether it is in the form of creation, design, social networking via 3D chat or just the ability to try some different on-line personalities, these sites will be sure to entertain your imagination without breaking the bank right away!
  1. Second Life
  2. Frenzoo
  3. Meez
  4. IMVU
  5. Stardoll (2D)

Second Life

Second Life Avatar Site Offering Free Services and Features

Second Life does a great job of allowing users to work, love, shop, explore and play without spending serious amounts of hard-earned cash to do so. The company offers a free on line virtual world that is imagined and created by you, its users, for the ultimate customizable experience downloaded right to your desktop. Included in the free membership from Second Life is the ability to customize your own avatar, building opportunities, 3D voice/text chat and membership also includes a sign-up bonus of 250 Linden dollars. If you’re lucky, sometimes veteran members of the site will locate newbie’s to not only help them get started on the site but also offer up some articles of clothing to expand on your look! Create your avatar and start exploring today!


Frenzoo is a unique 3D avatar community for fashion and lifestyle inspired individuals. With your free membership from Frenzoo you can start by shopping or designing your own clothes and accessories to customize your avatar as you wish. The site offers enough free items in the shops to get your adventure started, and also provides video tutorials to get you started creating your own fashion. Frenzoo, along with Second Life are the only Top 5 sites which offer the create feature to its users free of charge, which is a big bonus to users who are interested in trying out their skills at designing their own fashions.

Frenzoo Site Offering Free Services and Features

It should also be noted that the creation process is much more user friendly and less intensive than the process offered by Second Life. Meet new friends, customize your avatar, open your own shop, decorate your home and share it all on your personal profile. Below is a picture of the ‘create’ function that allows users to dream and create their own fashions. You can also refer to the chart of pricing below to get a better understanding of the cost breakdown for Frenzoo and the other sites listed. Frenzoo was an easy pick for a spot in the Top 5! Meez Online Community

Meez Online Community Avatar Site Offering Free Services and Features

The Meez online community is another great free option for users looking to expand their imagination in an online virtual avatar experience. The Meez nation is an online collection of ‘neighborhoods’ serving numerous interests and groups of users. The free membership offered includes the ability to experience the virtual world, customize your own avatar, and play games and converse with others in the forums. Meez is also the only site listed in the top 5 that does not offer any type of user generated content.

Similar to other sites listed here, Meez offers a form of currency for sale that can be used to purchase new items for your avatar and further your creative imagination, although they are not required to start your adventure today!


Top 5 Avatar Sites Offering Free Services and Features

IMVU is the only option listed in the top 5 that does not currently offer support for Mac users, but they do have some great features that are free of charge for all of you PC users out there. In IMVU users are able to create their own Avatar and chat in a 3D experience. Also included in the free membership to the site is the ability to customize your own homepage. Unfortunately many of the options in the marketplace on the site require purchasing, and users are only given one set of clothes or outfit upon registering for a new user account. If you, the user, are interested in expanding your look or wardrobe, coins will need to be purchased in order to do so. The choice is up to you!

Stardoll (2D)

Stardoll currently lays claim to offering the largest online community for girls who are interested in fashion, shopping, decorating, creativity and making new friends from around the world. 

Stardoll Avatar Site Offering Free Services and Features

Free features of the site include the ability to customize your MeDoll avatar, shop for new items, play dress up and decorate your own suite. Membership on the site is free, but again similarly to some of the other Top 5 sites listed, they offer the choice to purchase more of their currency dubbed ‘stardollars’ for expanded purchasing and customization options. Many of the free items offered in the shop are of basic design, with some of the nicer and detailed items reserved for users with VIP status or costing coins.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Afterlife of Your gown

display the gown in her living room or bedroom on a dress form

I suggested You might display the gown in her living room or bedroom on a dress form. 

Okay, so, let's start with the display idea. Display is actually one way of storing a gown as a soft furnishing that everyone sees. If you have room in your home and are open to a new and unique way of creating a decorating statement, go for it. Displaying your gown on dress form makes for great conversation when folks come over to visit. It also looks pretty. These photos display different ways of arranging a dress form as well as giving you other display ideas. The two women who put these displays up are tops in their field and I'm constantly learning from them.

interesting or antique pair of shoes

If you have an interesting or antique pair of shoes and don't plan on wearing them anytime soon try this . . .

bridal jewelry can go on this kind of display

Not just your bridal jewelry can go on this kind of display.

A fine example of separates dressing

A fine example of separates dressing. This bodice is actually a Chantilly lace blouse worn over a strapless gown. Can you imagine this stunner New Years Eve over a fireplace with a black velvet skirt?

This eyelet dress can work well as reusable bridal attire

This eyelet dress can work well as reusable bridal attire. Keep in mind you do have the option of choosing a design you can re-wear. Working your gown into your wardrobe can mean planning separates, elements that can be customized and transformed as double duty pieces. Maybe you are into cotton and linen. A cotton eyelet dress or linen suit can work well as reusable bridal attire. If you are drawn to simpler silhouettes in functional fabrics like wool and silk jersey this works too. Knowing how to work a veil with some opera length gloves and the right shoes can really pull a simple dress into a ‘bridal look. Consequently, the more practical you are, (as opposed to sentimental) the more likely you are to re-wear your gown.

Working your gown into your wardrobe

Working your gown into your wardrobe can mean planning separates.

bulk of the skirt wraps around the bassinet and your veil hangs as a head draping

Bassinets in particular intrigue me, they keep the gown sentiment going as a story told through laces and silk. The bulk of the skirt wraps around the bassinet and your veil hangs as a head draping. If you wore a tiara you have created a real fairy tale.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Home Fashion Tips - Dressing For Summer Barbecue

Dressing for that summer barbecue can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. It all comes down to practicality and comfort as you are dressing for the outdoors.

Who's hosting the barbecue?

Is it an office barbecue or are you just nipping round to the neighbors or a friend? If it is work barbecue and you have never been before then find out from reliable co-workers what the dress code is. Make sure you do not ask someone who would send you up a garden path like in Bridget Jones Diary where she dresses like a tart in a playboy bunny costume to attend a family friend's barbecue while everyone else is regularly dressed.

Dressing for the elements

Whatever the occasion, ideally you want to be comfortably dressed at a summer barbecue. Barbecues are usually held outside so you are dressing for the elements. If your host has not catered for rainfall and chilly weather then be prepared by carrying a light sweater which you can tie around the waist or use to sit on the grass. You can walk with a hand held summer umbrella (i.e. parasol) to provide shade if it gets too hot and shelter from the rain if it starts to pour. Remember if you plan to wear a strapless dress apply some aloe sun cream from home. Listen to the weather forecast before you go so you can be prepared.

Summer dresses for that summer barbecue

Factors such as where the barbecue is being held and whether there will be outside seating, influences how one dresses for a barbecue. For annual barbecues you usually know what to expect if you attend every year. If you know that there is outside seating to comfortably sit and enjoy your barbecue meal then go for a summer dress or summer skirt. Dresses and skirts are so much suited for the warm weather than a pair of jeans unless they are short trousers jeans of course. Stay away from the tight jeans if you want to eat as much food as you can. Go for loose fitting outfits that are comfortably on the waist.

Summer colors and patterns

Stay away from white because at some point my kids and their food are all over me. I like to wear stain resistant clothing and colorful summery patterns that can usually hide those evil barbecue spillages. A colorful summer dress or summer blouse is ideal when you are attending a barbecue with young kids.

Summer fashion accessories

Add glamor to your look with floppy or wide brimmed straw hats. Wide brimmed summer hats also helps to protect your face from the sun. Head scarves are a must and can really lift an outfit when well matched. You can tie the headscarf around your head or around your hat if you are wearing one.

I usually try to keep it simple at a summer barbecue so I leave my statement jewelry at home and go for leather flower jewelry like an orchid necklace. Copper flora and fauna jewelry is also perfect as it captures the theme of being outdoors. Whatever your choice, all accessories should team nicely with your summer barbecue outfit.

Summer sandals

Flat summer sandals or wedge heels are perfect for that grassy encounter. Similarly a rose sandal simply captures the mood of a garden summer barbecue.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Bright Star - the film You should see

Last week I saw the movie Bright Star, a fantastic film about the last two years of poet John Keat's short life (he died at 25), and his love for Fanny Brawne, an interesting artistic young woman with a deep love for fashion.

Visually the movie was stunning, the script was wonderful, the acting was superb, and the love story was so touching. If you are into fashion at all, and especially if you make clothing, the scenes of Fanny Brawne sewing her beautiful frocks will inspire you and make you want to race home to create.  The first images in the film were of her stitching and cutting. The sound of the snips of the scissors made me so happy. Watching the movie was an emotional ride, and I loved every minute of it.

Here are a few film stills of Fanny's incredible style.

Fanny Brawne sewing her beautiful frocks

Bright Star

last two years of poet John Keat's short life

Bright Star

Bright Star

Bright Star

Bright Star

photos courtesy of http://www.movieset.com

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fashion News - Justin Timberlake Fashion Designer Now

Justin Timberlake proves he's a real multi-talent by introducing his own fashion line at New York fashion week. The warm-toned clothing line draws its main inspiration from Justin's home-state Tennessee.